What we do

Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Projects

Structural Design and Drafting

We provide full structural consulting services that involve the structural design of the building as well as drawing production.  Upon completion of project design and drafting, the drawings are sealed for building permit and construction purposes. 

Foundation Design and Drafting

Foundation design is required by the Province of Saskatchewan for all new commercial properties.  Rempel Engineering offers foundation design in instances where a portion of design services have been provided by another firm or where sealed drawings for all components apart from the foundation accompany a pre-engineered building.  For example, with pre-engineered steel buildings our services typically include the foundation and main floor concrete slab design and drafting for permit and construction.  The supplier of the pre-engineered components often provides the remainder of any engineering required for the structure.

Unique Structures

Rempel Engineering can provide structural consulting services for unique structures which require drawings sealed by a professional engineer including sign bases, retaining walls, steel stands and more.

Building Drawings and Code Review

Projects requiring a building permit, including construction on both new and existing commercial enterprises also require building drawings.  For projects where clients choose not to have an architect involved, Rempel Engineering will provide consulting services to produce a set of drawings for the overall building.  

These drawings will include a site plan, building elevations and/or floor plans.  Along with the production of these drawings, we can conduct a code and zoning review to ensure that the building has been designed in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada and with local zoning bylaws.

Existing Buildings – Structural Assessments

We conduct structural assessments to identify any structural deficiencies that may be present in commercial buildings. We also provide engineering and drafting services to address structural issues as required.

Residential Projects

Structural and Foundation Design

New homes often require some components to be designed by an engineer as designated by National Building Code of Canada and the particular jurisdiction involved.  We provide this service to both homeowners and homebuilders in Saskatchewan.